New Year, New Code, New Challenges

Been a hectic couple of past weeks. Had guests from overseas, was unable to pay the University fees in time, car died completely, had a mountain of assignments to pass up. When life comes to challenge you, it will challenge you from all directions at once.

That said, today I made some new modifications to my Fruit Catcher game. Weeks ago I worked on a new background image, and that image took about 3 to 4 hours of drawing time (I’m no artist). Today, I implement that image into my game and learn that having absolute values for object positioning is a very bad idea by design. At least in my case it is.

Using absolute values for positioning

Using absolute values for positioning

When using the new background image which was a lot larger than the original (it’s 1280×768), I discovered all my fruit objects my basket and the score values were horribly misplaced. This meant that by using absolute values, I was restricting myself to only one resolution in the future. If I ever discover how to give the player the ability to change resolutions, at least now I’ve properly implemented values that are relative to the current screen size.

Using relative values instead.

Using relative values instead.

Without much further ado, here’s what the game looks like in it’s new bigger resolution and higher quality background image.

New Background Image

New Background Image

The game is slowly coming together, but it’s at a much slower pace than I anticipated. I was even thinking of just making a 3D version of this game using Unity 4.0, since it’s multiplatform and really easy to use. I’ve found myself making a start menu, pause menu, game level and actual gameplay all really easy to do in Unity. Time will tell. I have my academic holiday soon, and I’ll hopefully spend time on this idea (whether continued in PyGame or Unity is uncertain).


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